Dental Exams and Cleanings in Shalimar, FL

While many people think they only need to visit a dentist when something is wrong, this is not true. Instead, professional dental associations recommend biannual visits for regular exams and cleanings, including in Shalimar, FL.

When you need a competent dentist to preserve your oral health, Complete Health Dentistry of the Emerald Coast is here for you. For years, our dentist in Shalimar, FL has served residents of Navarre, Wynnehaven Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Mary Esther, Santa Rosa Island, Okaloosa Island, Ocean City, Wright and the surrounding communities of Niceville, Valparaiso, Destin, Miramar Beach and Crestview.

What Is an Exam Like?

Exams are simple and straightforward. Our dentist will use tools like picks and mirrors to see behind your teeth and examine the dental enamel, gums, and other oral soft tissues. During this inspection, we are looking for signs of potential problems like tooth decay, gum disease, or infection.

If we identify any symptoms, we will discuss potential treatment options with you. We might also recommend improving your oral hygiene at home through proper brushing, flossing, and the use of fluoridated toothpaste or mouthwash.

What Is a Cleaning Like?

Dental Cleanings are also simple and comfortable. During this treatment, our dentist in Shalimar or a hygienist will brush, scrape, and floss away any plaque, food particles, or tartar on your teeth and gums. We used flavored toothpastes which are more palatable, and we can adjust the treatment as needed for your comfort.

What Are the Benefits?

Regular dental cleanings and exams are highly beneficial. First, they allow us to identify any potential issues early when treatments are more successful, and conditions are easy to reverse. Second, these visits reduce your likelihood of developing conditions like permanent tooth decay or advanced gum disease since we remove plaque and bacteria.

Third, your biannual dental exams and cleanings help us build strong relationships with you and your family. This often allows patients to be more comfortable and relaxed when receiving treatment and gives us an opportunity to learn more about your smile. This makes it easier to diagnose future problems since we know what is normal for you.

How to Schedule an Dental Exam and Cleaning

If you are interested in dental exams and cleanings near you in Shalimar, FL, you just have to call our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist near me. Our hours at Complete Health Dentistry of the Emerald Coast are flexible and cater to your needs, so there is almost always a time available that suits your schedule.

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