How to Improve Your Dental Health Using Dental Fillings

How to Improve Your Dental Health Using Dental Fillings

Nov 01, 2020

Do you feel a sharp pain while taking hot or cold stuff? Or do you feel pain when you chew food? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you have cavities. Cavities are a nationwide issue and a leading cause of tooth loss among adults. It is also among the reasons why most of our patients seek emergency dentistry in Shalimar, FL, to help deal with the ever increasing pain.

If cavities are not caught and treated early, you might end up spending more money and time replacing missing teeth. This is why it is prudent for you to come to our dental office near Shalimar for dental checkups and cleanings. However, if you have cavities, our dentist, Dr. David Hanle in Shalimar, FL, has dental fillings in Shalimar, FL, that can help take care of the cavities.

Dental Fillings, In a Nutshell

Generally, when you eat food, the food particles get stuck in your teeth’s grooves and in between your teeth. Harmful bacteria present in your mouth swarm to digest the food particles, especially if the food has high sugar content.

While these bacteria are digesting these foods, they release acids that corrode your enamel, causing it to have holes referred to as cavities.

Dental fillings in Shalimar, FL, are used to repair the decay. Our Shalimar dentist near you removes the decayed part and then “fills” it. Dental fillings can be fashioned from different materials, from porcelain to gold.

Fillings are also used to repair teeth that are worn down due to certain habits such as nail-biting and tooth grinding.

Why Do You Need Fillings?

As you know by now, cavities or dental caries destroy the enamel (the hard outer covering of your tooth). As cavities go unresolved, they go deeper into the tooth and get to the softer part of your teeth and can expose the nerves.

The hole becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria as they continue the onslaught on your teeth. The structural integrity of your teeth deteriorates and impairs its function. Also, you can get an abscess, which is a severe infection. If an abscess (a pocket filled with pus) is not treated early, it can be life-threatening.

How Are Fillings Inserted?

Our Shalimar dentist near you will use a local anesthetic to numb the area to make the process pain-free. The anesthetic will also numb the gums and jaw. As soon as the anesthesia kicks in, our dentist in Shalimar, FL, will remove the cavities.

After removing caries, our dentist will clean the area to remove debris and bacteria before placing the filling. Then, the filling which you would have chosen will be placed to cover the area.

Types of Dental Fillings

At Complete Health Dentistry of the Emerald Coast, we have different types of fillings made from different materials. Before you choose the filling that you need, you have to consider the following factors:

  • Location of the dental filling
  • Cost
  • The extent of the damage
  • History of allergic reactions to certain materials

These are the available options:

  • Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are fashioned from silver and other materials. In terms of aesthetics, they are not pleasing. However, they are sturdy and resistant. Some people avoid using amalgam fillings because of their color.

  • Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are very durable and are considered the best filling, especially for the back teeth. They can easily last over two decades, and the gums tolerate them well. However, you will need two visits before you get gold fillings.

  • Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings are made within the lab. Most people run to this filling because it looks and feels like your natural teeth. They are also resistant to extrinsic stains brought about by consuming tea, coffee, or using tobacco.

  • Composite-Resin Fillings

These fillings are made from resin (plastic). They are relatively inexpensive as compared to other options. Composite-resin fillings match the color of your teeth, just like porcelain. They are not as strong as the rest, and you might need to go for repairs much often than the rest.

The Bottom Line

Dental cavities take time before they do extensive damage to your teeth. But even though you get cavities, dental fillings can help restore your smile. After getting the filling, proper oral hygiene will ensure that the filling lasts long.

If you need to see our dentist, Dr. David Hanle, in Shalimar, FL, you can contact us today at Complete Health Dentistry of the Emerald Coast. We also serve patients from Shalimar, Navarre, Wynnehaven Beach, Mary Esther, Santa Rosa Island, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, Ocean City, Wright, Niceville, and Valparaiso, Destin, Miramar Beach, and Crestview.

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