We are pleased to welcome new and returning patients to our office and assure you that Dr. Hanle and his dental care team are adhering to all COVID-19 protocol recommendations for your health and safety when visiting our office, including the implementations of the following:

  • We have instituted a pre-appointment questionnaire that will be given to patients concerning COVID-19 that may require the rescheduling of appointments to a different date to keep our staff and other patients protected.
  • You will notice that we now have new arrival procedures so you can move directly from your car to your treatment room. In all cases, patients will need to wear a mask when entering our office and receive temperature testing as well as non-invasive pulse oximetry (lung efficiency). Our dentist and team will also be receiving these tests every morning when entering our office.
  • We ask that our waiting area be used only for essential caregivers and parents of minors who are being treated. Unless you are an essential caregiver or a parent of a minor, we ask that you please wait in your car or outside.
  • In addition to hand sanitizers being placed throughout our office, patients will be given an oral pre-rinse to reduce airborne oral exposure before their examination or treatment.
  • Our dentist and staff will be wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) that meets all established guidelines to provide maximum protection for patients and themselves including visors, gowns, and masks that meet COVID-19 guidelines.
  • In compliance with best-practices concerning ventilation, we have incorporated HEPA-13 air filtration continuously in treatment rooms and enhanced HVAC disinfection with HEPA filtration units.
  • Touchless payment has been incorporated along with the availability of teledentistry. Call us to learn more about setting up a tele-dental appointment with Dr. Hanle.
  • We have enhanced our disinfection procedures to include the use of a fogging device and nightly disinfection of office fixtures and all equipment.

A Closing Note

Our commitment to providing families and patients of all ages with top-tier dental care will never waiver. Some of the above changes may result in longer appointment times, but you have our assurance that every measure is being taken to provide the same exemplary dentistry that has made Complete Health Dentistry of the Emerald Coast the top choice in general and cosmetic dental care near you.

If you have a question about COVID-19 precautions that we haven’t answered above, please give us a call now to learn more.

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