Basic Dental Procedures For Complete Smile Makeovers

Basic Dental Procedures For Complete Smile Makeovers

Jul 02, 2021

1. Bleaching Or Whitening

Teeth bleaching or whitening is among the most widely availed smile makeovers in Shalimar, FL. Discoloured teeth, whether due to food and drink that stain the enamel, smoking tobacco, or as a result of medications and/or disease, can gain back their original hue and lustre through dental whitening.

Unlike store-bought teeth whitening products, this type of bleaching is safer for your teeth. Bleaching may still cause minimal levels of tooth sensitivity in general. Still, every treatment will be tailored according to your teeth’s current condition for a comfortable whitening process.

2. Fillings

Fillings are a quick and uncomplicated option for repairing teeth that have incurred cavities. As long as the decay has eaten away only at the surface of your tooth’s enamel, your dental office near Shalimar can easily schedule a filling appointment for you.

The affected areas of the target tooth will be filled in, buffed, and layered with a filling material. This, then, is hardened via a curing light. The type of dental filling to be used will depend on the recommendation of your dentist near you.

A few of the common types of filling materials include, but are not limited to, composite resin, silver amalgam (a combination of silver and copper, tin, and zinc), porcelain, gold, ceramic, etc.

3. Crowns

A dental crown is a prosthetic device capped over a misshapen tooth. Teeth that are riddled with cavities or are chipped and/or broken can be repaired through a dental crown procedure. For smile makeovers near you, it is a good alternative to fillings, especially if a tooth can no longer be supported by dental fillings.

After the tooth’s outer layer is filed down, an impression will be taken of it, along with that of your other teeth along the same gumline. This impression will be utilized to shape the crown so that it matches the rest of your natural teeth.

In the meantime, a temporary crown can protect the filed down tooth. On the day of the actual procedure, the prosthetic crown will be installed. The procedure’s duration may vary according to the type of dental crown procedure your Complete Health Dentistry specialist shall recommend.

4. Veneers

Veneers are film-like shells that are bonded onto the facial surface of teeth. The facial portion of a tooth is that which faces the back of your lips and cheeks. Veneers are customized per tooth so that they are able to resemble the shape of your real teeth.

These dental shells are a solution for teeth that have minor surface chips and cracks, and discolouration or stains. The veneers will be adhered to your teeth, one tooth at a time. Hence, the procedure may take place in two separate appointments, one week apart.

Although the materials of veneers are generally stain-resistant, your dentist will still remind you to stay away from food and drink that discolour teeth (i.e. red wine, coffee, berries, etc.)

5. Dentures

Dentures continue to be a sought after dental apparatus for tooth replacement when trying to replace a handful to all of your teeth at once. Whether partial or complete dentures, these prosthetics are an uncomplicated approach towards restoring your smile. Plus, these types of apparatuses for smile makeovers cost less than several dental restoration devices.

Besides this, they help support your facial muscles and thus improve your bite and speech. Immediate or temporary dentures can be completed in one to two weeks, while their conventional counterpart may take 4 to 6 weeks, to a month or two.

6. Tooth Extraction

Teeth that are misshapen, have incurred trauma (including the gum area) or are causing malocclusion can be dealt with through tooth extraction. Extractions are also frequently undertaken prior to installing orthodontic devices and/or dental implants.

A local anaesthetic will be applied in and around the region of the target tooth before the tooth itself is pulled out. The process can be completed in as little as 10 minutes to about half an hour, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, as well as the number of teeth that need to be extracted.

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